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Candle Labels CLP Regulation

Before you put your candle on the market you’ll need to be aware to the CLP Regulations. This is to show the end user the hazardous chemicals contained within your product and this needs to be on the packaging.

The regulations state that the CLP information should be stuck to product Label and on  the immediate packaging/product containing the chemicals/substance.

You’ll need to include the following on your product to conform to the standards.

Product Identifier

This is the name of the product and should clearly state what is included in the product. The product identifier should be in the most prominent position on your label. You can also include other information such as a batch number of the products SKU.

Allergen Information

If your product contains hazards, of which some are allergens, you’ll need to include these on the packaging label. No more than 4 chemicals should be used in this part of the candle label so it’s easily identifiable and doesn’t get confused with the ingredients. The more obvious these are the better.

Hazard and precautionary statements

It goes without saying that if your candle mixture contains harmful chemicals, you’ll want to let the user know what to do in an emergency or for disposal. You’ll need to supply a statement on how to prevent harm, minimise danger to both human health and the environment. This will be in accordance with the chemicals used within and may not be a generic statement.

Signal Word / Warning

There are different grades of severity of the chemicals/substances within candle mixture. Be sure to include the appropriate signal word, whether that is WARNING or DANGER. You’ll be able to find which word to use using the associated chemical classification data.

Hazard Icons

You must add the relevant warning icons to your labels that are associated with each hazard. Each icon should be a minimum of 2x2cm in size. From measurements below 125ml, only one icon is required. Above 125ml then you are required to use all that are applicable.

Supplier Address and Phone Number

This is the easy bit, make sure your label contains your full business contact details. If this isn’t a business yet, you’ll need to put your personal details on. There are many reasons why this is required, mainly for insurance and liability.