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What are Custom Shapped Labels?

A True Personalised or Custom shapped Label is not a label which has just your design on it and Printed on Pre-cut Labels but a Label or Sticker which is printed with your design and cut around your required/bespoke shape. As a Label Printers, we specialise in making  labels of any shape and Quantity. Custom Labels and stickers are self adhesive labels that are printed and cut to the customer’s required designs. This can be custom size, shape, material and print design.
What is the difference between Labels & Stickers?
Labels and Stickers are often used interchangeably in the world of  label printing.  we tend to use  label as the majority of our work is based around product labelling for  our client’s brands and their  businesses actualy  there is no difference between printing labels and stickers however Labels are printed on Rolls and Stickers are printed on sheets and in low qualtity.