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Supplying Artwork


You can send us you artwork in lots of different formats  but we really prefer PDF and Ai files. See further down the page for how to properly save PDF files.


For really good print Results we need files saved at 300ppi. This refers to the number of pixels per inch. Less that 300ppi and your artwork might print pixelated or fuzzy. Artwork can be scaled  down but we can’t scale it up without a loss of resolution (and good resolution is what makes the image lovely and crisp and sharp) therefore save your artwork at the size it is to be printed at. If you supply us artwork that is saved at a small size and you want it printed big then end result will not be a pleasant one.


Print Artwork should be saved in the  CMYK  colour format as these are the ink colours used to print your artwork. We can convert your artwork to CMYK  from RGB but this will change the colour of your artwork and it might not print as you expect it to. If you work in CMYK when designing your artwork then this will give you a much better idea as to how the final product will look.

File Formats Accepted

  • Press ready PDF – with fonts embedded, for best results high resolution 300dpi.
  • Illustrator – fonts converted to outlines and supplied as AI or EPS files. Or output ‘Press Ready’ PDF from Illustrator.
  • Freehand – fonts converted to paths.
  • Photoshop – layers flattened, at least 300 dpi, JPEG, PDF or Tiff. Remember to include 3mm bleed. PSD files can be supplied – please advise if your artwork contains layers.
  • Corel Draw – fonts converted to Curves then export as Illustrator AI file.
  • InDesign – fonts converted to outlines. Save as a ‘Package’ and zip the fonts, images and inDesign file in one file. Or output ‘Press Ready’ PDF from inDesign.
  • Pixel Based Programmes or Raster – ie Photoshop/Paint/Gimp. Export as Tiff, JPeg or PNG. Ensure the original artwork is ‘press ready’ at 300dpi and includes 3mm bleed.

Supplying Native Files – When supplying native files ilke, Quark Express, please ensure all elements, document, images and fonts are in one folder and should be compressed using Stuffit or similar to .sit or zip files before sending.

Supplying PDF Artwork

We prefer all artwork to be supplied as high-resolution PDF format with fonts embedded.

PDF’s are becoming popular standard file format for transmitting files for printing, but it is important to prepare your PDF file in the correct way to get best results..

Correct Preparation of PDF Files

Please include a 3mm bleed, crop marks and supply as single pages when creating a PDF in Acroba. These include default resolution, compression settings and font embedding. Ensure a 300dpi  ‘print’ or ‘press ready’ PDF is outputted. Please ensure you choose high resolution compression settings for colour and greyscale. Bitmapped  images should be set at 600dpi. Font embedding should be set to “embed all fonts.”

Microsoft Office Files

When creating a PDF from a MS Publisher or Word file, please ensure that spot colours are created correctly in your original documents.  Do not set your files to RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colours as they cannot be printed as such.

Supplying EPS Files

File formats not listed above must be saved as an eps or jpeg. If there are any changes to your artwork, you may have to amend and re-submit the artwork as we may be unable to change it. Ensure your files have crop marks and Bleed and please confirm the final size of the artwork and supply a hard copy for reference.

Sending Artwork by Email

You can email us  with any relevant information regarding the job. Maximum file size preferred by email is 10Mb. Larger should be sent on disk/USB Stick or by using one of the many file sharing sites that allow you to send large files normally free of charge, ie wetransfer or yousendit.

Sending Artwork on Disk

CD Rom, DVD, and USB memory sticks can be sent to:

Labels World




B23 6UR

Please quote the order reference number and include a contact name, email address and telephone number in case of a query. Don’t forget to keep a copy of your file, in case we need you to undertake changes or corrections and include a hard copy of your artwork for reference with any useful instructions..

Further Assistance

If you need any help with sending your artwork please contact us on 0121 448 3920